Orange Coast College Rows To Riches


The Orange Coast College rowing team is making a name for itself in the sports world. They are going to Nationals for the second year in a row and are led by their captain, Daniel Amado. Daniel had to take a break rom rowing after high school due to an injury, but he is now back in the game and excited to excel. He accredits rowing to giving him the mental strength to overcome his injury. The assistant coach on the men’s team, Steve Morris, is also very dedicated to the team. He rowed at the Orange Coast College while he was in college and then went on to become the captain. He decided to step down into a smaller position in order to better balance his family life with his love for rowing.


So far Orange Coast College rowing team has won 11 titles at Nationals and their teammates go on to do great things. Some of them graduate and compete in world championships in rowing, and some of them even joined Olympic teams. This is especially impressive because most of these boys have never rowed before joining the team. They put in many hours of hard work and are able to channel that into success.


Orange Coast College is located in California in the Orange County area. It was first created in the 19402 and provides various art and science associate degrees. It also has many classes that can be transferred to other schools and is popular among trade students. The school continues to grow and now it can hold around 24,000 students; this made it one of the largest colleges in Orange County. Orange Coast College is known for its many clubs, associated student body, and of course, its rowing team. The school has one of the highest transfer rates in the country. These accomplishments are reported on the campus newspapers called The Coast Report. In 2015, several new construction projects were completed into order to benefit the campus and make it even more enjoyable. Some of the projects include a new counseling center, career center, and transfer center.

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