Gama Publicist


     Alexandre Gama had his golden opportunity to grow as a renowned writer and editor back in old 1999: This year offered him a launching pad to success – one that continues to this very day. In 1999, he began his own company. Neogama was the original and current name of the company though it has survived countless other merger names in the time in-between. Nonetheless, Neogama was founded upon a time that was ideal for any start-up success. As many on Wikipedia and on countless other sites remember, 1999 was the year right before the Y2K disaster – a predicted time in which the new global millennium would usher certain economic and computer system disasters.

The year 2,000 was, supposedly, the year in which Jesus Christ would also return. Gama, however, noted the importance of staying faithful within one’s business. He took his chances and founded Neogama, a top business.