Adam Milstein Likes To Be A Part Of The Solution


Adam Milstein, the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, likes to understand any issue that comes forward. He does not like to rely on others as he wants to become a party to resolving it. He likes to understand problems and then resolving them after contemplating the issue.



Many know Adam Milstein as a highly active philanthropist. In addition, he is a real estate investor too. He was born in Israel. In 1978, he did his graduation from the Technion. He arrived in the US in the year 1981 to do his MBA from USC. He started his career in 1983. This was in Commercial Real Estate in California. Today he is serving as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. This is a private real estate firm that is focused on commercial investment.



While he was doing his MBA in entrepreneurship, he realized during campus recruiting that many did not appreciate his knowledge, life experience and so on. Hence he was being offered much lesser than what he was expecting. Adam Milstein decided to go out on his own. He started to work as a Real Estate Commercial broker. Then he became a real estate investor.



When he started this business, his days used to be quite unstructured. As he acquired more assets, some structure started coming in to help him complete the activities. He likes to get involved in philanthropy as that makes his day more satisfying.



He likes to push ideas till they turn into reality. He likes to do quite a lot by himself. He does follow-up daily so that nothing fails.



Adam Milstein is excited to see the ups and downs in real estate. There are fluctuations in supply and demand and the price too. He is well aware that results in real estate take a lot of time to appear.



Adam Milstein is a successful entrepreneur as he is consistent as well as persistent. He loves to work and believes that he has made all the right choices till now. He believes in giving his best at all times.