David Samadi: What Every Woman Should Know


     All women will have to go through the menopause transition. This is the period when a woman doesn’t get her menstrual cycle for more than one year. The condition is very normal to women who have reached the end of their reproductive age. Some women are already aware of the things to expect when this time comes. However, others do not know.The menopause encounter is different in all women. Some people will experience very few and minor systems. Others will have a dramatic journey that is full of weight gain, extreme hot flashes, and vaginal dryness.

Regardless of how the condition is treating a woman, there are some things that all ladies should know before the period states.These things should also be thoroughly discussed with a qualified healthcare professional that has the expertise to make the transition smooth and less disturbing. Here are few questions women should ask themselves when approaching this stage.

When is the age for menopause?

This question is not easily answered because all women are different. Most women, however, will not get their periods at the age of 45-55. Experts say that the average age time for the condition is 51. Some women might start their menopause very early without their knowledge. This might be experienced in the early forties. Few ladies will start this stage when they are in their late fifties.The genetics of an individual will play a fundamental role in this juncture. Factors such as chemotherapy, smoking, and others can also accelerate the decline of the ovaries, leading to menopause.

  1. Is perimenopause different from menopause?

Perimenopause is a different phase of life. It occurs just before a woman experiences menopause. This is the time the body has started the process, and the ovaries are starting to decline. Some women will start getting hot flashes at this time. Others will notice that their cycle becomes regular and very different from what it used to be.When the period stops for more than twelve months, then they can say that they have entered the menopause stage.

David Samadi is one of the most experienced medical professionals in the world. Ever since he was a young boy, Samadi knew that he wanted to become a doctor when he grew up. He felt that he wanted to help people to live a better life. This made David Samadi work extremely hard. After a successful medical training, he decided to help men to have a better reproductive health.