Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Discusses How Company Relates To New HuffPost


Bob Reina is certainly known as a brilliant innovator in the world of digital marketing because his company, Talk Fusion is one of the top creators of video marketing for branding and email campaigns. But Reina is also a contributor to the Huffington Post which was just renamed the HuffPost because in their words, they want to share the stories that have been forgotten. But Reina is also a big part of this change because he’s stated that Talk Fusion helps people tell a story through video, and some of his articles have even explained how storytelling is a unique way to use video marketing. Reina loves what he does at Talk Fusion because the company was built on the principle that it would only succeed if other’s succeeded.


Talk Fusion doesn’t just develop video software for chat and marketing. It’s a multilevel marketing company that sells its products through associates who can earn commission for every sale they make and even more income if the customers they sell to then sell the products to others ( Reina had started this company after retiring from the Tampa police force and had seen the potential to turn videos he wanted to send through email into a product that many people would buy. Since its inception in 2007, Talk Fusion has grown into a million-dollar company that’s won Product of the Year multiple times from the Technology Marketing Corporation.


Reina has introduced several incentives that have made Talk Fusion associates reach for high goals. One is a rewards program that includes fancy jewelry, paid vacations and expensive vehicles for associates who make large sales volumes weekly, monthly and annually. And another is a giving back program so that Talk Fusion can make a difference for non-profit organizations; and this program allows every Talk Fusion associate to donate a Talk Fusion premium account to any charity they choose to. Under Talk Fusion’s auspices, Reina himself has given to animal shelter and rescue groups, humanitarian aid societies, adoption agencies and many more groups.