Successful Skills Of An Entrepreneur


     Is it really true that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur? What are the skillsets needed to become an entrepreneur? Have you ever heard of Sawyer Howitt? Sawyer Howitt is a second semester senior that is currently employed as a project manager for Meriwether Group. Sawyer, is currently working on a project that will leverage RFID technology to increase a user’s shopping experience. Sawyer’s plan would allow users to walk out of the store and automatically charge their account for the items they carry out of the store. The idea is brilliant and completely removes the need for cash registers or lines. The idea Sawyer has is absolutely amazing but what were the skills or traits that Sawyer needed to succeed on this path? Sawyer would suggest the following list are the top 5 skills, that he believes every entrepreneur should have.

  1. Be confident: Speak up for yourself and actively promote your talents. Your work maybe outstanding but it needs to be showcased and promoted. In corporate America great talent can be overlooked. Therefore, you must make it your goal to always showcase your work and talent.
  2. Complete your work with exceptional quality: People take notice when the quality of your work is superb. Praise and recognition is the most common response to work that is considered outstanding.
  3. Be honest about your weakness: Don’t be afraid to explain when something is not strength, or area of expertise. Everyone has a weakness but demonstrate how you plan to overcome your lack of experience, as this will show you are capable of improving on your weaknesses.
  4. Know your history: Having a great depth of knowledge helps you become more relatable to all people regardless of age. History can help provide new perspective to current and future potential problems.


  1. Be patient and committed: As an entrepreneur there will be plenty of times where you will feel overwhelmed, defeated and unsure of your idea. However, you must stay focused and dedicated to your idea. Being persistent will pay off for you in the long run but you must stick to your goals to achieve success.

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