“Sunday Housecall” with Dr. David Samadi – A Great Surgeon Providing Clarity on the Latest Health Trends and Concerns


Introduction – “Sunday Housecall” with Dr. David Samadi which debuted in September of 2017 is available to stream online and is also available for viewing on Dr. Samadi’s website (http: samadimd.com/.) This innovative new medical television show focuses on the latest trends and concerns in healthcare and on the newest breakthroughs in medical research and treatments.

A Live Interactive Broadcast – “Sunday Housecall” with Dr. David Samadi is broadcast on Sundays live at 12:30 – 1;30 pm EST with viewers encouraged to call in/email with Dr. Samadi personally answering their healthcare questions. Not only is Dr. Samadi available weekly to provide his expertise, but guest experts in many medical and wellness specialties also appear weekly to explain medical conditions and treatments and to answer caller’s questions, and his Website.

Clarifying Complicated Healthcare Changes – With the many recent changes in the US healthcare system, many people, especially seniors, find themselves confused and overwhelmed and often with more questions than answers. As an outstanding Surgeon and a renowned medical educator, Dr. David Samadi is uniquely qualified to answer their many questions in a clear and understandable manner.

Dr. David Samadi – As the world renowned head of the Urology department of a prestigious New York City Hospital, Dr. David Samadi has performed more than 7000 prostate cancer surgeries over the past decade and is the only surgeon in New York City to perform the SMART (Samadi Modified Robotic Technique) surgical technique using the Da Vinci robotic system.

In addition, Dr. Samadi has successfully performed over 5600 SMART Da Vinci prostatectomies with “preservation of sexual function, urinary control and quality of life after prostate cancer his top priority.” His mission is to bring global awareness and attention to prostate cancer which is the 2nd leading cause of death in men, and more information click here.

Conclusion – Dr. David Samadi is not only an extraordinary urologic surgeon who has trained many of the world’s top urologists and performed thousands of successful robotic prostatectomies, but is also an extraordinary teacher and humanitarian selflessly striving to educate the public on important health issues and concerns through “Sunday Housecall” with Dr. David Samadi. He is indeed a true humanitarian and an amazing physician who is now available to educate the public at large through his new interactive medical TV program.