All you need to know about your Habanero Peppers

  • Time and how to harvest your Habanero Pepper

Knowing when your habanero pepper is ripe is important to have a successful harvest. Though there are various kinds of peppers, there are some general guidelines that will help you know when to harvest your pepper.

  • How to determine if the pepper is ripe and set for picking

Go through the information that relates to the plant or packet from the place of purchase. The information will entail how the pepper should appear, size, color and the approximate maturity days. But in general, pepper take 75-90 days from the day they were planted to be ready.

  • Harvesting your habanero pepper

You can use a garden clippers or knife to harvest your pepper. Also, remember to protect your hands in case you are picking hot pepper. After the harvesting, remember to wash your hands as the oil can irritate sensitive to the skin in case you touch your face or eyes. Additionally, it is important to harvest the habanero pepper when the plant is dry to avoid the spreading of diseases.

  • General guidelines on harvesting habanero pepper

When the pepper mature, they will easily pull off the plant, if this does not happen, then they are still growing. Sometimes the reformation of tiny brown lines on the pepper as an indication of maturity. If by any chance you pick a pepper that is not ready, then place it on a south-facing windowsill till it ripens. Regardless of the kind of the pepper, they do not like the cold weather.

Habanero is the most flavorful pepper of all. It is one of the Chinese species of peppers. The family of this species contains capsaicin of the highest amount. Capsaicin activates your brains to release endorphins which is a natural painkiller that causes calming and a soothing sensation.

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