Membership Levels at Oxford Club


You can become a member of Oxford Club through three diverse membership levels. Each level has its benefits. The highest membership level is known as the Chairman’s Circle. Here are the three ways of becoming a member of Oxford Club:

Premier membership

A premier member is any member who has subscribed to any of the paid publications of the Oxford Club. It is the introductory level of the club’s membership. However, premier members enjoy several benefits. The membership is renewed annually.

Director’s circle membership

Members here are extended life members of the Club. Members here are investors who are fully committed to the Oxford Club. The club gives members at this level access to all the three newsletters published by the Club, which are the Oxford Communique, Oxford Resource Explorer, and the Oxford Income Letter. Members for this level are allowed to give their membership to their family members, which enable them to enjoy the membership level’s benefits without any limitations. Interested investors can join this level through the customer service team of the club or online. Members pay a one-time payment then they make annual maintenance fee.

Chairman’s circle membership

It is the most privileged and highest membership level. Members at this level can access distinctive features of the Oxford Club’s site and its publications throughout their time as members. They have direct contact with the circle liaison chairman, who is the virtual concierge. Chairman’s circle members meet every year at prestigious locations all over the world with the aim of sharing investment ideas and making new business connections. The level targets people who want to conserve and grow wealth as they enjoy a privileged lifestyle. People who want to join the club are required to pay a one-time membership fee and an annual maintenance fee.

About Oxford Club

It is an international and private network entrepreneurs and investors. The Club’s mission is to assist members to acquire and protect extraordinary wealth. It has more than 80,000 members. The Oxford Club has offered its services for over two decades despite the market conditions. The club ensures that it provides its members the best opportunities, which are found outside of the mainstream press. The Club carries out several studies on investment opportunities and chooses the opportunities that have higher profit potential than the others.