Robert Thikoll: How Lean Strategies Can Turnaround The Fortunes Of An Enterprise


Robert Thikoll serves the Global Operational Excellence in the post of Vice President. The business executive is charged with the responsibility of creating strategies that enable corporations to undergo a lean transformation. His company is a think tank that offers consultancy to other firms on how they can implement lean initiatives to increase their growth. Robert Thikoll has fostered partnerships with presidents and executives of various enterprises to elevate the Global Operational brand. Robert offers guidance to organizations on how to identify and execute lean plans for overall enterprise growth.

According to Robert Thikoll, most companies are unable to implement lean objectives on their own because the lean journey requires seasoned professionals. When a person is applying lean strategies, they should focus on standard products while keeping track of the results.

Some of the prominent clients that Robert Thikoll has worked with include Toyota and Danaher Corporation. At Toyota, Robert Thikoll was afforded a rare opportunity to apply lean thinking when building a product in a tier one facility.

While working with Danaher Corporation, Robert managed to transform the business through lean strategies. Over the years, Robert has expanded his know-how in the field of lean transformation. At the moment, the business executive mentors beginners in the field of lean. While working in Japan, Robert Thikoll learned that hard work and synergy between teams in an enterprise are the critical drivers of growth.

Robert was appointed the Vice President of the Global Operational Excellence in 2014. The Global Operational Excellence Ingersoll Rand is a global billion-dollar enterprise that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: IR). The conglomerate comprises of several subsidiaries that work together to improve various aspects of corporate and personal life. The company’s strategies are widely applied in industries to improve productivity and efficiency. Robert Thikoll has majored in Political Science.