Nutrisystem – A Net Win-Win



When you think of meal plans, you probably are under the impression that they are just too expensive to fit into the budget. With Nutrisystem, that is not the case. While many meal plans cost almost $20 a day for your meals, Nutrisystem works out to about $12 for three delicious meals and two snacks. That works out to about $3 a meal. Not too shabby.


Nutrisystem also offers three different plans to suit every budget. They have the Basic Plan that costs $10.54 per day. They also have the Core Plan which works out to be about $10.54 per day for all the meals and the Uniquely Yours plan costs about $11.96 for the day’s worth of meals.


For Nutrisystem, the Basic Plan cost works out to be just $274.99 for four weeks, the Core Plan works out to be $294.99 for four weeks and the Uniquely Yours plan works out to be $334.99 for four weeks.

The Uniquely Yours plan gives you more food options but no matter the plan you choose, you still get weight loss that is convenient, fits into your budget and is enjoyable.


Nutrisystem offers many different meal options to choose from so you can find your favorites and have a good variety of foods to eat without getting bored of eating the same things.


Nutrisystem makes it easy to get your healthy meals in even if you’re busy and you can choose the plan that best suits your budget.


While similar meal plans charge for shipping and membership fees, Nutrisystem does not. Nutrisystem also gives its newest members a money back guarantee so that they can try the meals without any obligation. You even get unlimited support and counseling and your guaranteed weight loss.


Nutrisystem is for you if you love food but want to make some changes for the better without having to sacrifice your happiness. It’s the affordable and convenient solution that will make big difference in your life. If that sounds like you then go for it and give Nutrisystem, a try-you have nothing to lose since they have a money back guarantee.