Richard Blair Helping Clients Ahieve a Better Financial Future


Mr. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a registered financial advisor. He is also the founder of the company which is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Mr. Richard Blair opened its doors to first clients in 1994, a year after he had finished his higher education.


Mr. Richard Blair studied at the University of Houston and achieved his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Services. He went into his higher education with a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish in his career and drew inspiration from his passion for the field of finance and educating. Mr. Richard Blair was raised by teachers as both his mother and grandmother were teachers. His wife is also in the same profession. For Mr. Richard Blair education is the source of well-informed decisions, and he wanted to combine the two. His goal is to educate his clients about how to maintain and grow their fortune and how to navigate through their career and into their retirement with a substantial financial backing to fall back on.


Over the course of his twenty years in the industry, Mr. Richard Blairhas become certified to provide his clients with a number of services such as advisory on investments, funds, annuity, income and retirement income, estate and trust, as well as tax advisory. The services are categorized in wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning.


Mr. Richard Blair achieves excellent results in his work through his three-pillar approach which involves getting to know the client and their financial situation, coming up with a roadmap to aid the needs and goals of the client and then meeting their insurance needs.


Creating a long-term financial strategy means that Mr. Richard Blair and his client have to work together. First, it is necessary to note what the current economic situation of the client is and what their future goals are. That includes what growth opportunities they have and what their risk tolerance is. Those are the elements to use as a foundation when creating a personalized financial roadmap.


Once the roadmap is converted to a long-term strategy, the client will have an easier time visualizing their goals and the steps they need to take to accomplish them. Mr. Richard Blair believes that every person needs to b clear on their finance and have a plan in mind. That makes transitioning from career to retirement far easier and more secure.


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