Jed McCaleb Envisions a Game-Changer


Jed McCaleb has spent a number of years dedicating his life to forward-thought, and throughout that time, this strategy has resulted in the development of a number of groundbreaking companies, including eDonkey and Mt. Gox. As Mr. McCaleb focuses on bringing another gamechanger to the forefront, he recently sat down to answer a few questions about the habits that continuously made him successful, as well as a new form of tech that firmly has his attention. Jed McCaleb’s latest iteration into the online arena comes in the form of a groundbreaking new company entitled “Stellar.” Stellar, which was created based on the future prospects associated with cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is seeking to build an avenue to move money cheaply and seamlessly for the world’s population of unbanked people, which is currently numbered at over two billion. Low-income people around the world have historically been neglected by traditional banking institutions due to high maintenance costs, but with Stellar, he aims to create an open source financial network that will connect with the unbanked population. There are currently several notable businesses and non-profit organizations in developing countries that have begun utilizing Stellar’s services, including the Praekelt Foundation.

Over the years, Jed McCaleb has remained abreast of the changing online environment, calculating the ways in which new tech will affect the world as a whole. One of the most significant breakthroughs that he has been focusing on is artificial intelligence. Far from a new concept, the possibilities that are connected with A.I. are just beginning to come to fruition, and as we get further and further into the future, he admits that it’s potential is both exciting and terrifying. In what he believes to be akin to the agricultural revolution, over the next two decades, Jed McCaleb envisions a world that is drastically different from the one we see today. Because of this, he has already begun investing in its potential by acting as both, advisor and donor, to the non-profit organization Machine Intelligence Research Institution, which is aimed at creating tools to ensure that, as artificial intelligence continues to develop for future generations, it is done in a safe manner.