The American Institute of Architects Is Eco-Friendly


     The American Institute of Architects (“AIA”) led by architect Robert Ivy is leading the organization to make our buildings and structures a healthier and safer environment for people. You have probably heard the phrase that ‘my building makes me sick.’ Skilled and experienced architects understand this concept all too well. The American Institute of Architects is educating doctors on the many ways that indeed an older building can cause health issues. The good news is that physicians are becoming advocates and AIA is further educating residential and commercial owners.

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of The American Institute of Architects which has chapters throughout the United States and internationally. Robert’s AIA leadership since 2011 is reforming social thinking in how the world designs, constructs, engineers, and erects modern edifices. Robert Ivy is taking proactive approaches to increase public and political awareness of the intrinsic value that architects’ and the industry brings to our everyday lives.

Robert Ivy, the AIA organization and its engineering partners are innovatively thinking safely outside the structured box to solve many issues. For example, the AIA and its leadership are designing homes and businesses that can better withstand hurricane force winds, using eco-friendly building materials, and erecting buildings that can remain standing during an earthquake. Structures are also being built with intuitive technology embedded, for instance you can walk into your home or office and say lights-on and voila the room is illuminated.

The AIA organization is an inspiration to many uniquely designed buildings that are an architectural wonder. But there is a method to their madness which is the structure itself. AIA designs many buildings around the world that look like they were drawn by an artist, when actually, their structure is designed with technology to keep people inside healthy, comfortable, inspired, and safe. Speaking of healthy buildings, the U.S. office of the General Services Administration is working with AIA on more research in this subject, especially as it pertains to medical buildings.

The American Institute of Architects is enjoying a membership growth because of the managerial direction by Robert Ivy. Robert was well known prior to being elected as the leader of the American Institute of Architects. He was the Vice President and Editorial Director of the Architectural Record Magazine published by the very prominent company – McGraw Hill. Robert Ivy is also recognized through a biographical book he wrote about one of his idol known around the world which was Fay Jones: Architect. His historical accounting of Jones’ life is used in architectural classrooms everywhere. Robert Ivy was honored by the lauded architectural fraternity, the Alpha Rho Chi with a Master Architect acknowledgement.