Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Surpassing Even Traditional Chat Software


Software developers haven’t always made video chat products better with each new version, and in some cases they’ve become bigger resource consumers as they’re updated to newer operating systems. But Talk Fusion has created a video chat product that has some of the lowest overhead on all devices, and it doesn’t take up much resources either. The product is sometimes referred to as a video email product, but it’s become so much more than that as it uses WebRTC technology to bring both recorded and live videos to its transfer platform. What this technology also allows for is use within your web browser itself without needing to download any plugins or software. The Talk Fusion large meeting software lets you broadcast to hundreds of viewers.


Bob Reina is the owner and CEO of Talk Fusion and it was an idea he had while vacationing in 2004 that led to the formation of the company. Reina had served Hillsborough County in Florida as a sheriff’s deputy for many years and then decided to change his career to multilevel marketing business. He had been with several different companies before heading on vacation that year, and it was wanting to send videos he took to his family that led to the creation of a video email software program under the guidance of his friend Dr. Jonathen Chen. The program worked so well that Reina started selling it and then formed his company Talk Fusion by 2007. Over the last 11 years, the company’s sales have grown exponentially.


Reina brought the multilevel marketing model to Talk Fusion because he wanted to be able to share his success with others and allow them to fulfill their dreams just as he had. Talk Fusion’s products are distributed through associates who are independent sales agents who make commissions with sales and referrals. If associates can reach high levels of sales and referral volumes, they can win dream vacation trips or even expensive sports model vehicles. Talk Fusion’s products are available to use both on its main website accessible from a PC, or you can download the Talk Fusion app on the Google Play or iTunes stores. Reina also decided to add 30-day free trials for all first-time users as a courtesy to see if they liked Talk Fusion’s products, and associates can also earn credits for having customers signup for them through their own links. Talk Fusion’s giving back program is a way to support charities by allowing associates to donate an account to any charity of their choosing. Learn more: