How To Stay Organized When Planning A Party


Are you looking to stay ahead of the game the next time you plan a party? There are many personal and corporate event planners in NYC who encourage hosts to stay organized. It is difficult to plan a party if you are not sure where to host it, what to serve or how to decorate. Use the following steps to stay organized when planning your party.

Create Several Lists: Lists are a great way to stay organized. Start with a to-do list of every task that must be completed before the big day. You also need a shopping list with food, decorations and supplies on it. Do not forget to create your guest list, which should include RSVPs, dietary restrictions and contact information.

Select A Theme: You can narrow down your shopping list by selecting a theme for your party. One example is a party or reception in a beach theme. Your food list may include shrimp, pasta, fruit, water and cocktails. The decorations may include sand and seashell centerpieces.

Plan For Children: If your event is for all ages, it is best to plan for younger guests. One idea is to set up a table with coloring pages or crafts that fit the party theme. You can even create a kids menu of chicken nuggets, fruit and cupcakes. A separate area keeps the children occupied and makes them feel like they are throwing their own party.

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If you put together lists, select a theme and plan for all guests, your party is sure to be a success.