Jeunesse Global brings economic opportunities and great products to millions


One of the biggest direct-marketing success stories of the last ten years has been the surprising growth of Jeunesse Global from a small time startup to one of the leading health product distributors worldwide. The reasons behind the company’s phenomenal growth are uncomplicated. Founded by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has offered a great incentive package to its independent distributors and, most importantly, it has consistently delivered some of the best products in the business to customers eager for a company willing to address their specific needs.

As one of the most accomplished direct marketers in the U.S., Randy Ray is no stranger to building successful distributorships. Along with Wendy Lewis, his wife, he has been responsible for the creation of dozens of successful businesses. This meant that Jeunesse Global was already a favorite to become a serious player in the global health and beauty sector even before it was founded.

Ray quickly put together a powerful business plan, which would allow distributors to make money with Jeunesse from up to six distinct revenue streams. Meanwhile, as Ray was focusing on selling the business plan to new distributors, Lewis was busy putting into action her expertise as one of the industry’s most talented product developers.

Within a year, Lewis had already begun developing what would become the revolutionary YES package, which stands for Youth Enhancement System, a basket of beauty and health-enhancing products that relies on science to enable users to live a more youthful, healthy lifestyle. This was one of the things that led Lewis and Ray to coin the phrase Generation Young to describe the network of Jeunesse clients and distributors. The Generation Young name reflects the fact that the current generation will be one of the first to have at their disposal truly powerful tools for staving off the aging process far longer than any generation that has come before.

Jeunesse is fully dedicated to the development and sale of products that help people achieve their goal of staying active and youthful as they age. Through its innovative products, Jeunesse is bringing youth, health and economic opportunity to millions of people around the world.