Bruno Fagali — Service in the Public Interest


     Bruno fagali is an attorney who has the public interest in mind when he works. His law firm is one of the best in the country of Brazil. By practicing law for over 20 years he has achieved a level of proficiency that many others strive for in their lifetimes. His specialty is preserving human rights in the field of ethics and humanitarianism. He believes in the ability of the law to protect citizens in the area of corporate advertising and business ethics. Many times he will perform litigation between a large corporation and people. Bruno Fagali has a social responsibility that he does not abandon for anything and that is what makes him such a powerful attorney.

After achieving his law degree from Harvard Bruno Fagali began practicing corporate law to protect citizens from the unethical practices of advertising companies. There has been new legislation passed in order to prevent these ill practices such as misleading ads and misrepresentation of a product. The government has introduced fines and punishments for companies that choose to engage in these unethical practices. Bruno Fagali lists the tobacco industry on his blog as an example. They have been notorious around the world for their advertising practices. They will make adults sick with additives and claim their product is safe. This practice is highly harmful to the public. They will engage in million dollar advertising campaigns to promote their harmful product to adults and children. Practices like this are the sort of unethical corporate practices that Bruno Fagali fights to protect the public from.

It is now mandatory for the tobacco companies to list the additives in their products and they are not allowed to advertise to children. When a tobacco product is sold it must be labeled as harmful so the public will know they are ingesting something with the potential to harm them. Bruno Fagali wants all harmful companies to follow this example and he introduces cases to assist in the revolution of business practices. He offers his services for free for any company that offers a helpful service to the people in the interest of human rights.