Gregory Aziz: Doing What He’s Supposed To


CEOs have a lot of responsibilities. They’re in charge of running the entire company, even if the company has international offices. Smart CEOs delegate most of their responsibility, but truly great CEOs delegate different. It’s not the responsibility they delegate; it’s the success.

A lot of CEOs fall short of their full potential because they’re more focused on their careers than the company’s success. If a CEO can focus on the greater good of the company, their success is limitless. By delegating success, they share victories with the hard-working people who make the company function on a daily basis.


Sharing success isn’t something that comes naturally to a lot of high-ranking, powerful bosses. All their years at whatever university they went to taught them to pursue their goals relentlessly. There are lessons on teamwork, but that doesn’t always cover sharing success with the people who work on the floor.

A good CEO knows how to appreciate his workforce beyond thinking of them as workers. That doesn’t mean he acts like their friend and lets them run the company. It means he knows how to lead while encouraging at the same time. That’s the kind of CEO Gregory James Aziz became after taking over National Steel Car.


Greg Aziz joined National Steel Car in 1994 and quickly became the company’s number one man. His appreciation for the employees stems from his humble nature. This allows him to sit back and realize how productive and contributive the employees are to National Steel Car. Visit This Page to learn more.

He’s also able to realize the importance of each and every customer and supplier who’s worked with National Steel Car over the last 100 years. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and survived this long by having loyal customers, dedicated employees, and trusted suppliers.


He knows the company can run itself because it existed long before he was born. There’s no doubt in his mind that he’s only adding to the company’s reputation. Ask anyone else, and they say James Aziz is an invaluable contributor.


Since he took over, National Steel Car perfected his spotless reputation, not missing a deadline in 30 years; it’s won 13 TTX SECO awards in a row; and became the first ISO certified steel car manufacturer in North America.


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