Sussex Healthcare Needs Kitchen Staff ASAP


As much as Sussex Healthcare needs medical staff, they also need kitchen staff. There are approximately 20 different homes on the Sussex Healthcare grounds, and each home has its own kitchen. Each kitchen comes with 3 different stoves, several refrigerators, many other kitchen appliances, and a full menu for residents to choose from on a daily basis.

As a worker in the kitchen, you will be responsible to know all the menu details of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many residents come to the cafeteria to eat, but there are residents who cannot make it to the cafeteria. When this happens, you will be required to deliver food to the patients who are unable to make it to the cafeteria.

Kitchen workers are also required to have patience and a good attitude towards all residents. Many residents cannot walk or are just starting to walk again, and other residents cannot move their bodies at all. Kitchen workers must make the lives of all residents easier by interacting with them, letting them know the kitchen staff is there to support them, and by making them great meals.


Kitchen workers receive approximately $15 an hour. Every worker gets more when he/she has to work on weekends or holidays. In addition to receiving above reasonable pay, kitchen workers receive the same medical benefits and 401K package as all the medical staff.

Sussex Healthcare is the first senior living home in England to be granted accreditation from two separate accrediting bodies. Their first accreditation comes from Health Quality Service, and their second accreditation comes from International Standard. Both accrediting bodies believe Sussex Healthcare displays phenomenal service within their complex.

Amanda Taylor is the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Amanda went to school to become a mental health nurse. After gaining immediate employment at a senior living home, Amanda Taylor soon became the president of two separate senior living homes. One thing Amanda knows how to do is manage more than one home at one time, and that is why the Sussex Healthcare board believed she’d be perfect for the job.

Sussex Healthcare is giving 25 years of experience. They have 20 homes around UK. They are the leading healthcare in UK.

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