Tony Petrello Highlights the Purpose of Charity in Corporations


     The adage charity begins at home is becoming a major norm for corporations that want to form a firm foundation for business. With charity as the cornerstone of a company’s operation, investors are set to flock into the company in search of projects that will earn them a stellar reputation. In relation to this, Tony Petrello, the brain behind the operations of Nabors Industries has taken a major lead in this season’s look at companies that have tremendously revolutionized the landscape of giving back to the community.

Tony Petrello is a household name that has been helpful in supporting community charitable works in many ways. Recently, residents of Dallas Texas experienced the worst storm. The hurricane, called Harvey stormed the area, leaving people homeless and others admitted in hospitals. To make matters worse, some people died from the hurricane. According to the main office of the hurricane department, Hurricane Harvey contributed to the loss of over $5 billion worth of property.

After the hurricane and loss, Tony Petrello knew that the victims needed help. This has always been one of his strongest traits as he believes in team building. Therefore, he instructed his employees to participate in the community project that was initiated to support victims. Unlike the typical working days where employees report to work for actual tasks, on that day, they reported to work on the logistics of supporting the community. First, in action, they created an open kitchen to serve food. Then later, they cooked for the victims.

Besides, Tony Petrello initiated a donors’ project for the funds to be used in supporting these victims as well. People from various departments of Nabors came together to rally their associates to donate to them.

It is reasonable to understand how Tony Petrello became a revered philanthropist in his community. Well, his backstory dates to when his daughter Carena was born with a condition termed Cerebral Palsy. Not only could she not ingest food at the right age but also she was underweight. For a long time, Carena could not adjust to the normal activities of life. Consequently, his father decided to identify a hospital that would help her. The Texas Children Hospital was his preferred choice. Until now, Tony contributes some amount of money to support their healthcare programs.

Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. He has been guiding the organization through successful leadership skills. So far, he has managed to build a client portfolio that supports the organization’s services. He is not only a world-class executive leader but also a team player.