Betsy DeVos On Topic Article


Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing figures in politics today. While she has been on an educational choice campaign for most of her political career, she has still met challenges after her appointment. As the US Education Secretary, DeVos has worked to make educational choice more popular in every state. Despite the opposition, she continues to support these new initiatives and answer questions from educators about the changes to the educational system.


Educational reform is not a new topic. In the 1980s, the Reagan administration released a report that showed the poor quality of American schools. Many changes have occurred since then to try and improve the state of America’s public schools. However, statistics still show that students are behind. Part of the problem is standardized testing, and the other part is Common Core. Betsy DeVos is not a fan.


She recently spoke on “60 Minutes” and answered questions about educational choice. She conveyed that students should have the opportunity to go to any school that they wanted, especially when they were zoned for a school that was failing or didn’t have programs that pertained to their interests. Educational choice allows students to pick between virtual schools, homeschooling, magnet programs, private schools, and charter schools. However, most people get caught up on the voucher program.


With vouchers, students are able to pick a private school and attend based on a scholarship. Many are concerned that public funding will go to for-profit private schools because of this option. However, DeVos has shown that most of the support for these programs comes from philanthropists. In fact, a few families are the largest contributors to this movement, including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


While answering questions about educational choice has become normal for DeVos, she was also asked what states had the most successful programs. She answered that Florida had the most successful educational choice program out of all states currently. This is because the state has the most educational choice options. Florida also has a tuition-based scholarship program. In addition, DeVos stated that Louisiana was also one of the top states for educational choice.


For many people, DeVos has given new opportunities to students who were stuck in the system. Students are now able to choose where they go to school. DeVos says that while it is a start, more time is needed to show significant improvement. However, it’s difficult for educators to accept the different educational choice options at this point in time. Many public school systems are not able to get the funding that they need due to shrinking budgets. Until changes can be made to the public school system, it’s likely that students will continue to face problems with Common Core and standardized testing.


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