Jim Toner Specializes in Improving Fertility for Patients


Dr. Jim Toner, MD, PHD, is a fertility doctor practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. He is certified in the areas of infertility and reproductive endocrinology and became part of the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine in 2000. Before this professional accomplishment, Dr. Toner worked at Norfolk, Virginia’s Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. During his time at Jones Institute, Dr. Toner served as the fellowship program director, and was also director of the Third-Party Reproduction Program.

Dr. Jim Toner is a graduate of Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s College and earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He later enrolled in the Medical Scientist Training program at the university, where he earned his MD and PhD degrees. Toner then transitioned to the Jones Institute where he began his residency and fellowship. He was soon recognized for his teaching talent and was the 1989 recipient of the Resident of the Year Award. He was inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha, a noted medical honor society the following year.

Dr. Toner has made significant contributions in the medical field, and has published more than 80 articles, 20 chapters and 100 abstracts on reproductive medicine. The doctor is known very well for his work concerning ovarian reserve evaluation and impact this has on a woman’s fertility. He has also done significant research concerning the part progesterone plays in assisted reproductive cycles and luteal support. Dr. Toner is an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba-Geigy Award recipient and has also earned the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award for his outstanding work.

Dr. Toner has also delivered a variety of lectures and educational talks throughout the country. He has given more than 200 medical presentations at meetings on the local and national scale. Toner is also an American Society of Reproductive Medicine member and is part of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. He served as president of the society and was also the chair of the Registry and Informed Consents Committees.

Dr. Toner has received positive reviews from patients and peers for his skill and professionalism. He has had no malpractice claims or sanctions and has even had the honor of being on the Healthgrades Honor Roll.