Hussain Sajwani is the Revered Business Professional and Philanthropist


In business, some entrepreneurs use various strategies to succeed while others struggle in between to make it in the same industry. All it takes for a business professional to overcome is the implementation of viable strategies that can work for the business. One entrepreneur who has maintained a steady balance in the industry even when it was challenging to walk through is Hussain Sajwani, the famous DAMAC owner. As the head cheerleader of this company, Sajwani has utilized multiple business strategies to succeed. As such, DAMAC Properties has become one of the leading real estate developers in the industry.

A Look at Sajwani and his Early Life

Very humble parents raised Sajwani. His father owned a shop in which he sold personal use items for men. Working beside his son, he mentored him into becoming a business professional. In the end, however, Sajwani pursued a different career path in which, he dedicated tremendous time and resources to develop. He enrolled in medical school at Baghdad, but before completing the coursework, Sajwani resorted to relocate to America and pursue economics at the Washington University. Well, he succeeded as he graduated top of the class and was lucky to get an employment opportunity in GASCO.

While working in GASCO, Sajwani fostered excellent work relations coupled with tremendous input from the board of directors. As such, he was able to dispense his services as the credit management officer. Seeing that he was good at what he did, he managed to explore a personal business idea in which, he invested after quitting GASCO.

Food Catering Business

Sajwani invested the savings he had accumulated from GASCO in a food catering business. This business assisted him to elevate his brand across the Middle East as he managed to cater to more than 12,000 clients per day. Looking at these figures, it is evident that Sajwani started churning millions from a relatively tender age compared to his peers. Because his food catering business was tremendously successful, he decided to start a real estate company that has since then, earned him a stellar reputation.


Nevertheless, Sajwani is not just a businessman who hoards the entire income. He has used his resources to support the needy in the community. For starters, the most memorable charity acts he involved himself in encompassed his donation of AED 2 million towards a Ramadan initiative.

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