Emergency Room Dr. Eric Forsthoefel


Doctor Eric Forsthoefel has worked at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare hospital for a number of years. He is experienced in many aspects of emergency medicine. Over the years he has seen a variety of different illnesses and injuries come through the doors of the facility. His knowledge of care is exceptional and he is able to treat patients with the most modern equipment.

Dr. Forsthoefel has been a doctor for roughly 10 years and graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He is board certified in emergency medicine. His private practice is considered one of the best in the area for care. Many people have been his patients for years and have the upmost respect for him.

In the emergency room, Dr. Forsthoefel can treat both young and old with both humor and professionalism. Frightened patients will find that his bedside manner will put them at ease allowing them a more rapid recovery. Patients feel relieved when he treats them because of his calm demeanor. Children will be calmed by the patient and humorous side of this special doctor. He explains each part of his treatment to all of his patients and ensures that they have all of the information about it.

If you should require any emergency care while in the Tallahassee area, a visit to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare hospital and treatment by Dr. Forsthoefel is your best option. The facility itself is equipped with the most modern of medical equipment and all of your needs will be met there. Most if not all medical insurance is accepted by the hospital as well as Dr. Forsthoefel allowing you to receive the care you need. Dr. Forsthoefel is one of 26 practicing emergency care providers at the facility and each of them has been a member of the team there for years.