Dick DeVos – An Extremely Generous Man


Dick and Betsy DeVos have given generous political donations as well as extremely generous charitable donations. Their charitable donations add up to an astounding $139 million over the course of their lifetimes. Betsy DeVos is a United States Education Secretary nominee, so she is passionate about her contributions to Republican political candidates as well as school choice causes. However, these contributions are unfortunately being scrutinized at confirmation hearings. Because of this, Dick and Betsy have decided to lift the veil on their millions in their philanthropic giving.


Just in 2015, Dick and Betsy gave $11.6 million to charitable donations. Dick and Betsy are a part of a family that has been involved in the Republican politics for many many years. In addition to their extremely generous donations, Dick’s father as well as his siblings together have donated $104 million to charities. This placed them 24th of Forbes America’s Top Givers.


Dick and Betsy have placed education as a top priority for their giving. They believe that this reflects their priority to helping improve the education system. They believe that the current education system is not working because kids who are growing up in the wrong areas of the country are not able to access the education that they need to be able to live out their dreams. Their goal is to be able to address all of the reasons why the one-size-fits-all education system is failing and not working. They acknowledge that there are many many great teachers and educators in the education field but they know there has got to be a better way for these educators to be able to reach every child.


Dick DeVos is the oldest son of Richard DeVos, Sr.. Richard DeVos, Sr. is a co-founder of Amway Corporation, which is a company that distributes their home and health products through multiple dealers. Dick DeVos began working with this company in 1974 and throughout his time with them, he has had many different positions with many different levels of responsibility.


It was in 1989 that Dick left Amway to start his own career. He started up the Windquest Group, which is a company that does the manufacturing as well as all of the marketing for different closet and storage organizers. In 1991, Dick started managing the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball franchise while continuing to work on the Windquest Group. He then returned back to Amway two years later and started back up as their President. A few years after Dick returned back to Amway, a new company that was composed of multiple different companies, including Amway, formed. After a couple of years, Dick became the President of this new company, Alticor, but later retired so he could focus on the Windquest Group.


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