Waiakea Water is the Pure, Volcanic, Environmentally-Conscientious, Bottled Water


In the bottled water industry that’s saturated with numerous products claiming to be the “best”, “the healthiest”, and “one-of-a-kind”, Waiakea Water is truly a product that is what it professes to be. It is arguably the best, the most unique, and the healthiest bottled water on the market for several reasons. This bottled water has many health benefits that are naturally infused from its source, which is the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The company that brings this pure Hawaii volcanic water to the people of this planet is also very environmentally and socially conscientious.

Volcanic Water Benefits

One of the most outstanding health benefits of Waiakea Water is its alkaline content. Waiakea Water pH is one of the highest on the bottled water market containing a pH of 8.2. The Waiakea Water company doesn’t artificially create or add the alkaline content to the water because the source of the water, the Mauna Loa volcano, naturally imbues the water with alkalinity, by way of water filtration through 14,000 feet of metamorphic rock. The unending water source, filtered through volcanic rock, comes from natural rainfall on Mauna Loa that occurs almost every day of the year.

The Environmentally Conscientious Bottled Water Company

Another reason that Waiakea Water is an exceptional bottled water among many others, is because the company is an environmentally responsible business becoming the first bottled water company to get certified CarbonNeutral in the United States. Being a trail-blazing corporation for lessening the impact of the bottled water industry on the environment, Waiakea Water has consulted with the CarboNeutral Company and Ecometrica, which are two of the most prominent emissions expert companies in the world, helped them earn their CarbonNeutral certification. Waiakea Water also takes care to utilize low-emission shipping and manufacturing, and additionally participating in reforestation initiatives.

Waiakea Water takes care to provide this naturally high quality, healthfully wholesome bottled water to the people of the planet who don’t have access to this kind of pure drinking water because the company participates in various global supporting programs that supply drinking water to certain parts of the planet that urgently need it. The company contributes a lot of its water because they make it their mission to help the environment and the people in it. The volcanic water benefits of Waiakea Water are numerous, but the company behind Waiakea Water see to it that this pure water benefits the earth as well as the people who inhabit it.