Heather Russell Elected Executive Vice President of TransUnion


TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) has just hired Heather Russell as its latest EVP and CLO, which will begin on June 4, 2018. Before her joining TransUnion, Mrs. Russell worked for Buckley Sandler, LLP and traveled between their New York and Washington DC offices. It was at Buckley Sandler’s “FIRST” practice that Russell assisted its clients with mergers, acquisitions, processing regulatory matters, as well as negotiating regulatory changes. The (“FIRST”) Finacial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology practice, helps a diverse set of financial institutions: financial, banks, commercial technology.

According to Wikipedia, Mrs. Russell has worked with several banking institutes prior to working with Buckley Sandler: Fifth Third Bank (EVP), Bank of America (SVP), and Bank of New York Mellon (GCRC).


Heather Russell studied at William and Mary College, where she completed BA in English (1989) and Natural Sciences (1993). She was awarded “cum laude” Jurus Doctor (1994) from American University and in 1997 the Doctor of Law degree from the same University. While attending American University Mrs. Russell was the sole editor for the schools Law Review. At Boston University she has taught classes in financial technology.


As one of three major credit reporting agencies in the United States, and located in 30 countries worldwide, Heather Russell will be helping the leadership team at TransUnion maintain its high level of standards in the information technology sector, as well as its global image in its services of identity-theft protection monitoring as well as helping individuals and corporations, from credit threats of all kinds. TransUnion offers individuals tools that protect from credit fraud.


Heather Russell will be assisted by John Blenke before he begins his retirement. John Blenke has served TransUnion as its CS and CGS as well as EVP since 2003. Heather Russell will replace him beginning June 4, 2018.

Feel free to get in touch with Russell: facebook.com/public/Heather-Russell