Drew Madden takes on herculean healthcare challenges


The United States has become notorious for its outrageously expensive healthcare system and the poor outcomes that it regularly produces. With the average American paying more than 2.5 times what their counterparts in other developed nations pay for healthcare, the spiraling costs of the nation’s healthcare system threaten to seriously undermine its ability to continue to provide any kind of sound healthcare for its citizens at all.

Drew Madden has been dedicated to solving the problem of out-of-control healthcare costs in the United States for his whole career. The healthcare IT specialist is one of the few people in the country who are certified experts for the whole of both Cerner Corporation and Epic Systems healthcare platforms. But Madden has become convinced that it is not the software or even its implementation that are the real problems behind the rising costs and worsening outcomes delivered by the U.S. healthcare system. Instead, it is the inability of both patients and healthcare professionals to fully use the software systems in ways that maximize the force multiplication that those systems have the potential to offer.

Madden identifying two main areas that could account for a great deal of the spiraling healthcare costs plaguing the nation. The first is interoperability. This refers to the crisis of compatibility that is often seen between healthcare systems, hospital groups and regions. Madden says that electronic healthcare records are heavily siloed, meaning that they are often segregated within one hospital group. In practice, this means that people who need medical treatment in a city or region other than the one in which they reside may end up with few or none of their medical records being accessible in the jurisdiction where they are currently being treated. Madden says that this is a huge problem that regularly leads to huge and unnecessary expenses. In many cases, it has even led to the death of patients.

Madden also says that patient-facing apps and specialized software are another area where vast improvements can be made. Evergreen is working on developing platforms that will allow patients to select physicians with the same ease and level of intelligence as they are able to shop for a new car.

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