An Entrepreneurial Genius Guilherme Paulus


The life of Guilherme Paulus has been highlighted by a number of events and decisions that span an average of forty years since he began working. Coming from a relatively humble background, Guilherme Paulus realized early enough that at some point only his determination and hard work could accord him the life he desired. He had dreamed of Studying medicine in College, and this dream had not come to pass as his family finances would not accord him the opportunity.

At this point, he chose to join IBM as an intern. IBM was at the time and remains one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world, and an opportunity to work for them would give Guilherme Paulus a head start in life. However, over his time at the firm, he realized that he was not cut out for the world of mathematics and computers. After leaving IBM, he joined Casa Faro, which was a travel agency, and he was tasked with selling and marketing its products to clients around Brazil.

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During his two-year tenure, he would come to understand the world of business and more clearly what business looked like in tourism. This would open his eyes to the numerous opportunities that existed within the industry. He and a deputy from the organization joined hands to start a travel agency where he owned 33 percent. This would later be followed by his starting CVC a tour company which began as a travel agency. The firm has grown in leaps and bounds and today controls a very large portion of the market and is widely considered the largest tour operator in Latin America, especially after the Carlyle group acquired a 63 percent stake in it for an estimated 420 million dollars. This would be one of the groups largest acquisitions, especially in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus has invested in hotels and resorts too with his other investment firm GJP network. Over the approximately twelve years the company has been in existence, they have been able to amass over 500 million dollars of assets in the industry, making GJP network and its over 19 hotels a substantial player in the hospitality industry.

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