Dick DeVos Cares About Michigan


Dick DeVos doesn’t ever take the easy way out. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the option to do so. It means that he has a work ethic that’s practically unparalleled in this world. There’s no arguing that the planet has its fair share of hard workers. There’s also no arguing, however, that DeVos is the cream of the crop in this respect. People often say the same exact thing about his wife, Betsy. Betsy was born Elisabeth Prince back in Michigan toward the end of the fifties. She was the daughter of a skillful entrepreneur who made a major mark in the business world. Her background is similar to her husband’s in many ways. That may be one of the plentiful reasons they share such a powerful and indestructible bond.


Who is Mr. Dick DeVos to the United States and planet? He’s so many different things all wrapped into one. He’s a lobbyist who speaks out any time he notices something that just doesn’t strike his fancy. He’s a person who has political interests that motivate him to better society. He’s a person who believes in the unrivaled power of the education system within the United States. He’s also a person who has keen business sense. His entrepreneurship efforts have done extremely well so far for him. Working as an entrepreneur may seem as natural as breathing to him. His father was the devoted man who put together the Amway Corporation in the United States so long ago. DeVos has spent a significant fraction of his life learning all about how marketing works in this world. DeVos took to marketing in a major way as well. Proof of that lies in the fact that he was the Chief Executive Officer for the Amway Corporation for many years. His time with the enormous company ended after the beginning of the millennium. He said “ciao” to Amway Corporation work in 2003. He started guiding the way for the large company roughly a full decade earlier.


Dick DeVos confirms the authenticity of his feelings every single day of the week. He can show the world that by highlighting the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. He has masterminded this not-for-profit organization alongside his wife for a long while. The pair actually established it as a team in 1989. They never ignore the group and its aims, either. The DeVos duo use the group to make big donations that push forward topics that make them ponder. They like to help groups that zero in on educational concepts, economical conditions, artwork and even in-depth culture.


DeVos has been a noteworthy individual in Grand Rapids in Michigan for what seems like eons now. He’s someone that countless people all throughout Michigan think about all of the time. He does anything in his capacity to better conditions for the residents of the Midwestern state. He likes looking out for potential difficulties in Michigan. He thinks about construction efforts, political topics, schools and so much more.


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