DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Has A Unique Business Model


While growing up, Hussain Sajwani never wanted to venture into business. The reason is, when Hussain Sajwani was not in school, he was helping his father in his shop. He saw how his father worked for many hours and decided he would work hard in school to later become a professional and get formal employment. He knew to work as a professional would enable him to work the regular working hours, and he would have time to do other things in life.

Due to his dedication to his studies, he excelled in school getting a chance to attend a prestigious institution. He went to study at the University of Washington where he obtained a degree in economics. He later went back to his country and started pursuing his career. Hussain Sajwani worked for several companies as a professional but soon realized he wanted to become more successful. He knew the best way he would make good money and achieve financial independence is to start his own business. The good thing about Hussain Sajwani is that he is an opportunist. He saw an opportunity when many people were moving to Dubai in search of greener pastures.

According to Saudi Projects, Sajwani knew starting a catering business would enable him to achieve success. He started the business and got a chance to serve the United States Army which was there to control the Gulf Wars. When he started the business soon, he learned a lot, and he could now handle business and employ people. His catering business helped him a lot, and he acquired the experience and skills needed to run a business.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, wanted to grow his business, and soon he realized he could even achieve more. He began the real estate business, and that is when he launched the DAMAC Group. He became the CEO, and through his marketing skills, he has managed to make the organization successful. He purchased land in Dubai and constructed houses that he would successfully sell making profits. DAMAC Group has become popular in Dubai because of the marketing techniques. You would quickly notice signs along the roads in Dubai that promote DAMAC Group.

Hussain Sajwani is not only involved in entrepreneurship, but he is also a philanthropist who is known for helping to uplift others in the society. See the properties for sale by DAMAC.

Content taken from: https://www.albayan.ae/economy/local-market/2018-02-12-1.3184075