Vijay Eswaran: An Inspiration To Millions Of People


Vijay Eswaran is a role model. He has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the richest men in Asia. Eswaran was born in Penang, Malaysia on October 7, 1960. He went to school in London earned a degree in socio-economics. During the years he spent in the UK Eswaran developed an interest in multilevel marketing. Through CIMA, a multilevel marketing company, he became certified as a professional in the field. Next he moved to the U.S. to attend Southern Illinois University to pursue an MBA. During the time he was at school, we worked part-time with a multilevel marketing company called Synaptics.

When Eswaran returned to Malaysia he was contacted by a multilevel marketing company called the Cosway Group. They gave him the chance to work with the organization in the Philippines. Eswaran grabbed the offer and he started the organization that would later blossom into a direct marketing success story. The organization sells a wide variety of products at affordable prices. It also created employment opportunities for people in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. They love it because not only were the products very much needed, Eswaran and his company also helped to create jobs in parts of the world where unemployment is extremely high.

To many of the independent sales agents working with Eswaran and his company it’s more than just a job. It represents hope in places were hope is a very scarce commodity. The independent representatives see themselves as independent businesspeople. They work very hard and are often able to create opportunities for their friends and loved ones as well. This has made them see Aswaran as someone they love and who provides them with a role model they seek to emulate. Eswaran’s success makes them feel they too can do well if they work hard.

Eswaran is now a very rich man. He’s also in great demand as a speaker. His ability to motivate people is uncanny. His techniques are studied by people in a wide range of businesses. Not only does he share his ideas in lectures, he has written a series of books that allow him to share the secret to his success. He also created an interactive program, Thought of the Day, and published his photography in a book called On the Wings of Thought. These have served as a source of great inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Eswaran is a philanthropist freely shares his wealth with the less fortunate. He does that through a series of charitable organizations he and his company worked to create. His charitable work led Forbes Asia to name him among their Heroes of Philanthropy.