Rocketship Education is a Reputable Institute


Parents strive to take their children to good schools such as Rocketship Education since they understand the importance of quality education. Rocketship Education was established by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006. Since then, the school has gained a lot of popularity because of the good grades scored by the students. As a public charter school, Rocketship Education receives funding from various organizations such as the Education Department.

Throughout the period that Rocketship Education has been operational, the school has caught the attention of many parents since most of the students at the school always register good grades. The tremendous success rate of Rocketship Education has also attracted the attention of the media houses such as NPR. The NPR media house has been working hard to uncover the mystery behind the good grades achieved by the students studying at Rocketship Education.

Anna Kamenetz was the NPR reporter who was trying to investigate Rocketship Education. The NPR reporter was making use of Twitter and Facebook to propagate false information about Rocketship Education. Kamenetz was trying to justify that the students at Rocketship Education are overworked. In her report, Kamenetz was trying to give an insight into the malpractices that take place in public charter schools, specifically Rocketship Education. Although Anna Kamenetz was trying to spread negative information about Rocketship Education, she did not have enough incriminating evidence to back her allegations. Nevertheless, the students at Rocketship Education have never filed any complaint against the education system being used at the institution. As a result, Anna Kamenetz did not have any evidence to support her claims.

Although NRP was propagating negative information about Rocketship Education, many people were not convinced by Anna Kamenetz’s remarks. Surprisingly, many parents are now willing to enroll their children at Rocketship Education. Eventually, the parents are confident that their children will have a better future after completing their studies at Rocketship Education. The educational institute also makes use of advanced forms of technology whereby the students at the institution participate in online learning and classroom lessons with highly professional tutors. Majority of the students at Rocketship Education also qualify for free lunch which comes as an advantage to students from less privileged families.