Paul Herdsman Shares Some Of What He Has Learned As An Entrepreneur



Having started a couple of companies himself, Nice Global’s COO Paul Herdsman knows what it takes to do so successfully.

He wrote an article with his Top 12 Business Essentials to starting a company and managing it successfully.

One of his tips is that you’re not going to find instant success. Paul Herdsman wrote that there are no shortcuts to building a successful company and it takes time and commitment. To build a great company you need to put in the work and sweat equity performing several skills such as finance, marketing, and sales.

As a business owner, you will inevitably make mistakes. Half of all small business collapse in the first four years and those that do succeed are run by people who are willing to fail and then fail some more. The important thing is that you learn from each failure so that you can do better next time around. Don’t even regard them as failures but rather as opportunities to learn.

Paul Herdsman wrote that it is critical to know your customer base. You need to know them better than anyone so you can deliver what they need from you. The whole point of a company is to solve a problem people have in their lives. Know your customers and you’ll know what their problems are that need solving. Go Here to learn more about Herdsman.

Always over deliver and under promise. The main way a customer is going to remember you and either use you again or recommend your company to others is if you provided them with more than they expected. These satisfied customers will become the best advocates for your business. Think about why anyone should choose your company over any other in the industry and how over delivery stands out.

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