A Comprehensive Overview Of Kimberly Bakker’s Professional Career



Kimberly Quinlan Bakker is a role model for many young event planners. Kimberly Bakker founded and  runs her own business Kimberly Bakker Events, a successful event management company that serves the San Francisco Bay Area.

How did she advance from a graduate to a renowned event planner? We have shed light on her professional career to help you twig.

Who is Kimberly Bakker?

Ms. Bakker is a trained business expert. After completing her studies from the University of Southern California, Kimberly started working as a volunteer teacher and women advocate. She also worked as a sales representative in L’ermitage Hotels and a Protocol Officer at the San Francisco mayor’s office.

In 2000, she established Kimberly Bakker Events.

Where did she get the idea to start Kimberly Bakker Events?

Ms. Bakker says that she started Kimberly Events to progress her passion for event planning and management. When she was a little girl, Bakker enjoyed celebrating her family member’s milestones and achievements.

Kimberly Bakker played an active role in planning and managing her relatives’ birthdays and special events. Besides the passion, her past jobs imparted her with the skills she required to start and maintain her firm.

How does Kimberly’s professional day look like?

Ms. Bakker’s professional day starts by loading her vehicle with chairs, heirlooms, and other items she would need to organize an event. She scrolls through her checklist to ascertain that she has packed everything.

After confirming, she drives off to the event’s venue. At the site, Ms. Bakker collaborates with her assistants to set-up the venue, welcome the guests, and oversee the event to make sure that everything runs per their client’s anticipations. Read This Article to learn more.

What makes Ms. Bakker more successful than her competitors?

Kimberly Bakker is more successful than her competitors because of her organizational skills. The expert says that before the start of each day, she makes a list of all essential tasks to be accomplished. Then, she coordinates her team to focus on those crucial tasks.

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