How VIn Gupta Found Huge Success By Building National Lists Of Companies



Everest Group LLC is an Omaha, Nebraska firm that was established by entrepreneur Vin Gupta in 1987. Working as the chairman of the board of directors and managing general partner, he operates a private equity firm that invests in startups and early-stage ventures. The types of companies he invests in are those involved in marketing services, business information, financial services, business outsourcing, and sales promotion among others.

Vin developed his own startup into a massive success. In 1972, Vin founded American Business Information. His company creates lists of national businesses that are sold to other businesses for marketing and other purposes. Vin began his career in the mobile home industry so his first business listing focused on that area. Enough orders were rolling in that he knew he was onto something big and that he had a very valuable company on his hands.

That company is known today as Infogroup and it has helped many companies, including those in the Fortune 100, locate businesses. Vin Gupta says that today the listings can be highly specific, such as what restaurants populate a specific neighborhood. When he sold this company it was worth $680 million. Go To This Page to watch his video on YouTube.

He says that he has found when working with the companies he invests in that direct mailing using snail mail is the most effective way of advertising. Vin Gupta says people habitually delete email but they have to at least glance at something in the mailbox before deciding to toss it or not

Vin is a philanthropist who has given large sums of money away. Near and dear to his heart are educational causes. He has built a girl’s school in his hometown in India; as part of his advocacy to Women’s Education, two schools a the Indian university he graduated from, and other ways worked to improve people’s lives.


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