Richard Liu Qiangdong Plans To Take JD’s Logistics Business Public


Richard Liu Qiangdong doubles up as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jingdong Mall, or more commonly known today as, a market leader in the Chinese e-commerce retail business. Over the years, has made a name in the provision of authentic, high-quality products. JD’s products include home appliances, electronics, and general has also opened its website to third-party retailers. The platform helps the third to reach the Chinese market.


Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from the famous Renmin University of China with a degree in sociology. At first, he was interested in joining politics, but in one way or another, he found out that politics was not as well-paying as a personal business. In the end, Liu shelved his plans and decided to focus on business.


Richard Liu spent most of his valuable honing his computer skills through paid freelance coding work. Over time, he acquired the necessary skills to start and manage a computer-aided business. Realizing that computer skills alone wren not ample to enable him to run a big company, Liu Qiangdong decided to seek knowledge in business management. He enrolled in China Europe International Business School, where he attained an EMBA.


Richard Liu Qiangdong secured employment with Japan life to equip himself with the necessary experience to start on his own. He worked for one year as a director for business, and another one year as the director for computers. After working for two years, Richard Liu established his company, which he named Jingdong. The business dealt with the sale of magneto-optical products. A strange turn of events forced Liu to shut down his physical stores and establish in 2004.


Since its establishment, JD has recorded impressive growth. Currently, it has three robust subsidiaries, which include Jingdong Logistics Group Corporation, Jingdong Technology Group Corporation, and International Limited. Go To This Page for more information.


Speaking at the recent at the annual World Economic Forum meeting held in Switzerland, Richard Liu disclosed that JD’s logistics business is set to go public. He also said that the company might consider dual listing. Because the parent company, International Limited is listed is on the Nasdaq, Liu indicated that the dual listing would probably take place in mainland China or Hong Kong.


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