Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About is the most thriving technology-driven e-commerce and retail infrastructure service in China it has been ranked top global company and it was awarded for being committed on ecosystem sources, wide contribution to the social shoot and the outgoing results of its collective responsibility program.

With creativity and innovation of the company, it has come up with ways or rather the program that nurtures the sustainable growth of over the years. Everything is now new and unique, from the way they package their products to the way it makes the deliveries. JD has also created positive impacts in the neighboring society.

The SEAL Awards given to the company covered the appropriation, environmental achievement and outstanding leadership in giving its business sustainability award, which will make the company most sustainable among other companies in the world, which also gave the company the chances to work with other companies like Apple, Samsung just to mention but a few.

Jingdong,‘s head of corporate collective responsibility, was honored that the company was awarded and had to join other leaders in the collective sustainability. The recognition of the worldwide gave the company some experience in environmental protection and also a commitment to ways of curbing poverty as well as have always aimed at improving the society. See Related Link for more information.

The SEAL Award given to gave the company a lot of praises, and had the opportunity of to have the greatest impact on the environment that’s according to Harney together with the judging is now the biggest retailer in China, with its innovation, technological advances which include logistics and the supply chains has also given the a chance also to explore more and has made use improved infrastructure as well as the advanced the technology is impacting the social environment positively .


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