Roseann Bennett Admits That The Center For Assessment And Treatment Is A Labor Of Love



Roseann Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist who practices out of New Jersey. She is the co-founder as well as executive director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which functions as a nonprofit. The center is a mental health agency that takes in clients from all different kinds of backgrounds. As an advocate to giving back to the community, Roseann Bennett set the agency up with the intention of helping people no matter what kind of economic situation they are in.

Roseann Bennett offers her clients family therapy, planning for treatment of different types, crisis management, marital therapy, and more. She has been serving families as well as adolescents for many years and is an ACS Approved Supervisor as well as an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Approved Supervisor. Bennett works to improve her community and has been doing since the inception of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Before serving clients at the center, she was working with them right out of her own home.

Roseann Bennett has grown her business slowly without accruing the kind of debt that larger operations do. Her husband helped to set up the Center for Assessment and Treatment, and they used their own furniture to get it started. She has been able to save a lot of money by keeping many of the internal costs of the business down.

Instead of paying for expensive advertising, she has found clients by being actively involved in the community she lives in. Roseann Bennett has admitted in interviews that the agency is a large part of her life and that she loves doing what she does. View Related Info Here.

While many mental health workers see what they do as a job, Bennett sees it as a lifelong commitment to help people who are in the greatest of needs. Thanks to her work, countless people are finding the help they deserve.


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