Robert Deignan: Offering Quality Digital Resolutions To Consumers


Born in Lauderdale, Florida, and a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Robert Deignan attended Purdue University on a scholarship for football since 1992 until his graduation in 1995 when he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. After graduation, Robert was given the honor of playing with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. After the culmination of his NFL vocation, he co-established Fanlink Inc in 1998. Three years later, in 2002 Robert Deignan moved to iS3, Inc after the dissolution of Fanlink Inc. In iS3, he held the Executive Vice President’s position. He worked as the Executive Vice President for more than nine years and later, in 2011, he co-established ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan did not only co-found the corporation, but he also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services as well. The firm provides solutions for all your digital needs. The corporation works with other establishments in a wide range of technological needs including mobile devices, tablets, computers, digital storage, and network issues. They also offer a unique service that assists in setting up stereo systems, home networks, and mounting televisions as well. The company is client-oriented and makes sure that clients get the highest level of products and services. The firm ensures that your computing devices are kept safe, smooth, and stable at all times.

As the CEO of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan ensures that all his clients get the best services available. ATS Digital Services is typically the very first call center to get a certification from AppEsteem. Robert is a firm believer that high-quality services are the pillar of ATS Digital Solutions. He also believes that the success of the establishment is founded on the same incredible customer service and relationships.

ATS Digital Solutions understands that technology has come to make our lives more manageable and that’s what ATS Digital Solutions is here to do. The company keeps all your technological gadgets operating safely and running smoothly at all times. As the company’s CEO, Robert ensures that the customer always receives all they need. Robert Deignan has developed a remarkable career due to his diligence. He also works closely with the community, and he is involved in various generous charity contributions.