New Jersey Therapist Roseann Bennett Delves Into Therapy With Canines



A family therapist in Hackettstown New Jersey recently started using canine assisted therapy in her practice. Roseann Bennett has over ten years of experience in marriage and family counseling. Now, she is introducing “Canine Assisted Therapy” as a new initiative, as she believes it will notably benefit her clients. Bennett has had experience with therapy dogs in the past.

Regarding their impact, she states “There are few relationships that are that significant, that powerful, where you are accepted, as you are without conditions…that can be a critical component of therapy.” Indeed, humans have long kept relationships with animals. In recent years, these relationships have proven effective in teaching children about social interactions. These relationships are particularly effective in children with autism spectrum disorders, who often find difficulty in social relationships and interactions. Find Additional Information Here.

Bringing “Canine Assisted Therapy” to Hackettstown was not easy however, and Bennett had to take numerous steps in order to integrate canines into therapy. Take Jack for example, one of Bennett’s therapy dogs. Jack was adopted when he was fifteen weeks old, and was required to complete a two-week long, comprehensive obedience course. In addition, Bennett has trained him with her own child as well, in order to become more accustomed to the often unpredictable behavior of children.

Roseann Bennett is just one of the pioneers of “Canine Assisted Therapy”. As mentioned before, advances in the understanding of human relationships with animals have proven the benefits of canine assisted therapy. By bringing this type of therapy to Hackettstown, New Jersey, Roseanne Bennett is integrating new techniques, with those that are traditionally effective.


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