Roseann Bennett Is A Passionate Marriage And Family Therapist Who Gives Every Day Her All



Roseann Bennett has always had a gift for helping people, and she has applied that gift to the field of therapy. Today, she serves as a marriage and family therapist who has been working with people from many different backgrounds for more than a decade. Bennett’s work has mainly revolved around adolescents as well as their families, and she serves clients in New Jersey.

Roseann Bennett put together the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010 and has already worked with hundreds of different clients. Her agency is a nonprofit charitable organization, which means it is ran primarily by her without any monetary help from the government. Something very special about Bennett is that she works with people regardless of their income or their ability to pay for care. Go To This Page for more information.

Roseann Bennett starts most of her days by getting up early and checking in with her employees. She also sees clients and then gets to work taking care of any issues that need her attention. She has admitted in interviews that she pretty much works until her body or mind gives up, and she believes this is one her greatest strengths and weaknesses all in one.

Roseann Bennett is responsible for everything that takes place at the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She helps to maintain the budget for the center and also ensures that the agency runs on a bare minimum of overhead costs. She believes that the best way to come up with good ideas is to step away from them and then come back to them later once the mind is clear.

Roseann Bennett is passionate about any idea that she plans on executing so she can stay the course when the going gets rough. This attitude is exactly what has kept her mental health agency open for all of these years.

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