How Did Louis Chenevert End Up Heading United Technologies Corporation (UTC)?


Loui Chenevert has had one a long and illustrious career full of life lessons for other business leaders. Having started as a product line manager in the automobile sector fate would have it that he eventually heads one of the biggest aerospace manufacturing companies in the world, UTC. His ascension to this prestigious post was, however, a slow climb that gave him even more time to prove his worth in the different leadership dockets he held in both industries. Here is a breakdown of his career and how ended up at United Technologies?

Starting in Québec

In 1979, just around the time Louis Chenevert was graduating with a degree in production management from the University of Montreal, launched an assembly plant in his hometown, Quebec. He was quickly absorbed into the company’s management team where he served for over 14 years. By the time he left the automobile maker to join the Aerospace industry, Louis had risen up the corporate ladder and assumed the position of general production manager.

Joining Pratt & Whitney

In 1993, Louis Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney Canada as Vice president of operations. Six years later, he was tapped to head the Canadian outfit of the larger Pratt & Whitney company based in the United States. Within his first year as the company president, Louis helped it cut down on operational costs by 10 percent. This attracted the attention of Pratt & Whitney’s parent company United Technologies. His achievements in reorganizing the company cleared up the path for his recognition and eventual nomination to the board of United Technologies Corporation.

Heading the aerospace manufacturing giant

In 2006, Louis Chenevert was nominated to a directorial role at UTC. He was later named the company President and Chief executive officer in 2008 before his election as board chairman in 2010. His biggest contributions here include spearheading the production of the Geared Turbofan Engine that has also received numerous accolades for its efficiency and reduced emissions.


In 2014 Louis Chenevert made public his intention to retire from and soon after stepped down from UTC’s management. Goldman Sachs would, however, rush to engage his services a year later when they named him the banker’s senior industry advisor for their merchant banking division.