Nick Vertucci Gains Popularity as a Poker Player


Over the years, the businessman has gained international recognition as a successful real estate entrepreneur. Before he decided to invest in the sector, he lost a significant amount of his investments. Nick Vertucci ventured into the sale of computer accessories as his first business. From his real estate business, he has earned millions of dollars over the years and he attributes the success to the valuable insights he got from one of his mentors.

He was always willing to learn and avoid some of the mistakes he made as a new entrepreneur. Nick is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The institution has equipped thousands of people with skills needed to excel in their real estate businesses.

Nick Vertucci is also a celebrated author and one of his recent projects is titled Seven Figure Decisions. In the book, he discloses the business challenges he faced earlier in his career and some of the solutions that helped him to overcome them. Thousands of copies have been sold mainly to prospective real estate entrepreneurs. He is passionate about playing poker and has been an active player even before he started the real estate business.

In 2004, he participated in a tournament that took place in California and was ranked 8th among the other players. He won $7,530 from the event. In some of the games, he has competed with some of the world’s best players including Phil and Mike.

According to the real estate guru, the poker games have been a great learning opportunity for him and he has used the skills in making better investment decisions in the sector. Both poker and real estate investments involve taking high risks. Through the tournaments, Nick Vertucci has improved his skills in reading others. He has become more intelligent and that helps him to negotiate and transact with his clients.

Just like in playing poker, real estate investments require individuals to change their strategies to overcome any unexpected developments in the industry. The businessman has also learned to accept different outcomes of an undertaking. For example, a decision may yield good returns while another can lead to losses.