Sharon Prince A Renowned American Philanthropist And Activist



Sharon prince is an American philanthropist who has dedicated her life to the works of charity. Prince currently serves as the Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation which is a non-profit organization that was established way back t in 2009. The foundation is a humanitarian organization that seeks to improve the lives of the marginalized in the society through art, advocacy and engagement with nature and faith. Since its formation, Grace Farms has achieved its missions of uplifting the standard of lives of people and creating environmental awareness.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation under the leadership and guidance of Sharon has garnered numerous awards for its contribution in various sectors such as the architectural industry and creation of environmental sustainability including social good. Some of the top coveted prizes that the organization has received include the AIA National Architecture Award in 2017 and the Miles Crown Hall Americas Prize among others. Ms. Prince was in 2018 Appointed to AIA Institute Honor Awards. Sharon Prince also received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”. Her resume also include working as the President of 66North, a technical outerwear.

The Foundation is currently leading a global campaign dubbed Unchain. The foundation recently entered into an MOU with Georgia to promote the end to contemporary slavery that has been one of the world’s most substantial problems. The MOU will see Georgia develop some set standards and procedures that enhance transparency in the supply chain department. Click Here for more information.

The MOU is in line with Georgia’s goals and vision of becoming a sustainable green and technology smart country within the next ten years. Grace Foundations hopes that the MOU will serve as a blueprint to other countries, corporate businesses, and investors.

Sharon Prince while commenting on the MOU between Unchain and the State of Georgia said that development of comprehensive strategies and partnership that help the organization combat and disrupt vices like human trafficking and gender-based violence is something that is critical to the foundation mission. Prince added that it was an honor to partner with the state of Georgia a country that is committed to creating multi-pronged ethical businesses model that will accelerate growth and drive social change.