Victoria Doramus Work Of Charity



Victoria Doramus is involved in non-profit organizations and charity work as a way of giving back to the society, community of the New York. Victoria Doramus is involved in the following organizations:Amy Winehouse Foundation whose main focus is to prevent the effects of alcohol and drug abuse among the youth. Victoria Doramus understands the importance of educating youths on this dangers especially the dander of addiction. After Amy’s death at the age of 27 her family and friends came up with the idea of starting the foundation which would educate the young people and helping those fighting addiction.

Victoria Doramus also supports Women’ Prison Association (WPA). Women’ Prison Association represents women, more than 4000, in the city jails and in the New York prisons. Many of these women are convicted mainly for drug related cases. Many of them are also poor and they have not been given a chance to prove themselves in life. This is the reason WPA and Victoria Doramus give alternatives to their conviction to help them not being arrested. WPA helps these women to find safe housing and also help them to rejoin with their families. They also help them fight addiction by accessing mental and healthcare. Since knowledge is power, they are also taught household budgeting and also skills to survive on their daily life. Victoria Doramus message for everyone is that one should make changes before it becomes too late.

Victoria Doramus also supports Room to Read which is a non-profit organization. This organization is changing life’s of many children in countries that are impoverished. Room to Read is fighting for gender equality in literacy and education worldwide. Together with Room to Read, Victoria Doramus works on ensuring girls complete their secondary school education with adequate skills to help them succeed in life.

Victoria Doramus also supports Best Friend Animal Society which is a non-profit organization that try to help animals by ending their killings. Founded in 1980s, Best Friend Animal Society, tried to end the killing of unwanted pets mainly cats and dogs. Victoria Doramus believed that killing of these pets could end if we find good families for them.


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