Tim Ioannides Explains Matters Of Skin Care


Tim Ioannides is a medical dermatologist based in Florida, US. The experienced cosmetic dermatologist holds a Medical Degree from the University of Miami and another in Dermatology from Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Tim started his medical career by taking up a medical residency before he proceeded to work for another dermatologist.

His Medical Career Journey

His initial working experience entailed medical cosmetology, which boosted clients’ feelings about themselves. Ioannides’ experience inspired him to explore a deeper interest than just medicine, helping people feel good. His passion for fulfilling service led him into the medical aspect of dermatology where he built his career.

After pursuing a degree in Medical Dermatology, Tim Ioannides temporarily practiced cosmetic procedures in the Southeast USA. He then went ahead to set up Treasure Coast Dermatology. It is at this facility that he built his career in dermatology. The facility grew spreading to five locations in the greater Florida. He has constituted a team of compassionate attendants to help him carry out the noble task.

Matters Skin Care

Skin issues can be deep sited rather than superficial. Often, these issues reveal deeper problems with one’s health system. Skin problems have a way of messing with your confidence and determination. Such issues as eczema evoke a feeling of inadequacy making victims not want to come in contact with the public or even associate with them. Get More Information Here.

Vitamin D is a crucial component of the diet. Otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, the nutrient is vital for strong bones and teeth and more importantly a healthy nervous system. In Dr. Ioannides’ opinion, Vitamin D has more benefits than we know. He has experienced its benefits first-hand.

Tim Ioannides has always championed for the consumption of vitamin D – rich foods. Vitamin D3 supplements make 10,000 IU of Dr. Tim’s daily prescriptions. The affordability, availability, and efficiency of the supplements have won the medical dermatologist’s clients’ hearts.


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