Article Title: Things Highlighted In Steve Richie’s Letter To The Customers Of Papa John’s


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Papa John’s company appointed Steve Ritchie as the new chief executive officer. Steve drafted a letter for the clients and in the letter he stated that he went through challenging moment in the previous week with Papa John’s brand. He was apologizing to the customers on what they had experienced from the company and he went on saying that the mistakes were not showing the worth of the company.

Steve Ritchie added in the letter that his company would not support language that was not sensitive and racism. Papa John’s brand is a pizza producing company and it has provided jobs to 120,000 to people throughout the world and they represent the people who work tirelessly to give you high quality pizza services. These people are the people who own small pizza stores in the society.

Papa John’s company established a strategy that it would use in making sure that it delivers better services to its customers. The strategy outlined the following guidelines.The company would outsource more professionals from other parts of the world to assist in doing an audit of the company, its habits, and the range of including other people. The approach would give room for Papa John’s to determine its strong and weak areas and thus create clear visions to help the company to succeed.

The executive team of Papa John’s would conduct a research to get the response and reaction of the people of France and its employees too on the services provided by the company. This would help in identifying the best step to take. The company embraced transparency in its actions to its customers by stating that it would remain accountable of its practices.

Steve’s apology letter showed a lot of empathy and he distanced the previous actions of the company from its values. He also went on saying that Papa John’s employees were representing the society and that they were very hard working. Steve Ritchie further highlighted the particular steps the company would take in handle diversity and inclusion and he promised to lead the whole process. This displayed accountability and he said he would be accountable.

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