• Gama Publicist

         Alexandre Gama had his golden opportunity to grow as a renowned writer and editor back in old 1999: This year offered him a launching pad to success – one that continues to this very day. In 1999, he began […]

  • Rubica: Leading the fight against Malware?

    Someone once asked me why I think cyber security is so important, and why. I told him that I thought it wasn’t a big deal because I don’t really have anything to hide. He then asked me, “Hey, what’s your […]

  • Richard Mishaan : Design World Genius

    Richard Mishaan is a new world sensation and world leader when it comes to design and architecture. Richard Mishaan Design firm is his company and creates interiors for Residential, Hospitality and Commercial clients. Mishaan went to New York University where […]

  • Orange Coast College Rows To Riches

    The Orange Coast College rowing team is making a name for itself in the sports world. They are going to Nationals for the second year in a row and are led by their captain, Daniel Amado. Daniel had to take […]

  • Eric Lefkofsky Starts Another Company

    Serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is a man who has always stayed ahead of the curve. With his background as a highly successful entrepreneur (he played a significant role in creating several major online companies, including Groupon, Echo (a logistics company) […]